Could Viagra Cause Psychological Erectile Dysfunction?

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Could Viagra Cause Psychological Erectile Dysfunction?

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The introduction of Viagra and its associated marketing has brought about side effects of it's own. And when I say side effects, I am not talking about the typical physical ones like nausea, vomiting, body aches, diarrhoea, breathing troubles or headaches.

All the ED speak could cause sexual potency doubts?

One problem that has come up is similar to the medical student syndrome. This can be explained as the trouble that medical students face during their first year. They start to get convinced that they are suffering from exactly the same disease that they are learning about.

The more you hear about a medical problem, the more you believe that you have that problem. This can be dangerous if the mind overpowers the body which may lead to the problem that was never there in the first place.

If the mind-body connection is strong enough to convince ones brain that there is actually a problem when there is none in the first place, then you can actually end up getting that problem. So here the main query is how many men who never had ED in the first place ended being assured that they really did have it post watching the commercial ads.

Overlooking the Root Cause

Another major side effect that came up was the replacement of other possible treatments for ED, especially the ones focused on lifestyle changes with the little blue pill. Shedding weight, consuming a healthy diet, good physical activity, practicing relaxation techniques and improving sleep could help one deal with ED with positive results.

Now men have an easier option of popping a pill. This indeed is the easiest and quickest way to deal with the problem but it is definitely not the best long term solution and should never be one’s first option.

These medications even make one overlook the underlying medical conditions like obesity, cardiovascular disease or diabetes which could also be the cause for ED. However getting the underlying condition for ED treated is the safest and effective way in the long run.
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